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Natural Beauty Fixers


A very essential topic which I think all should practice in their daily routine. Though the quality of cosmetic products which we get in the market is quite appreciable, the natural products which we are blessed with are something that we don’t appreciate much. I hope the following information about them will make you want to try them, for your own benefit.


  • Turmeric

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Turmeric is the best cure for acnes as it has anti bacterial properties. It helps in tightening the skin which gives you a youthful look. It is also used to control facial hair and even out your skin tone. Avoids oily skin and gradually lightens stretch marks. These are few properties of turmeric amongst the others.

  • Aloe Vera


Works as a great natural moisturiser for the skin. It is used especially in the summer as it is a natural sun screen. Fights acne and prevents the skin from ageing.

  • Gram Flour

in, gram flour is the best option. Mix gram flour with olive oil for dry skin and for oily skin, face pack consisting of gram flour absorbs the excess greasiness. Apply it on parts like knees, elbows or underarms to lighten the skin colour. It is also a natural remedy to de-tan the skin.

  • Milk


Raw milk is more effective, it acts as a body moisturiser, sometimes even better than market products. Milk gives you smooth silky hair. You can use it for to treat your dry foot. Large skin pores shows that skin is unhealthy. To prevent that mix milk and eggs and you don’t have to suffer from large skin pores.


It is a great body moisturiser for dry skin and we all know it is just awesome for your hair. Use it as a lip balm, cuticle oil for your nails, makeup remover, deep conditioner or makeup brush cleaner, there are numerous ways to use this oil.

  • Honey


You want to get silky long hair or want to remove unwanted hair, honey is the natural product you go for. It is used to remove tanning cure acne and burned scars.

  • Multani mitti



Multani mitti gives you a glowing skin if used as a scrub. It has anti tan properties and removes all the ill effects of pollution on your skin. It is a very good cleanser and tons the skin.

  • Rose Water


Rose water soothes the sensitive skin, repairs the ageing skin. It is very helpful for people with dry skin as it hydrates the skin. Rose water also prevents sunburns.


Hence, I highly recommend using these natural products and let’s face it they are cheap too, comparative to the expensive cosmetics.


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