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Maha Spiritual Detox

“ I am sluggish ” said the Body                                                                                       “ I’m bruised ” said the Heart                                                                                         “ I’m on a roller coaster ride ” said the Mind
THE SPIRIT SAID : “ I’ll help you find your path ”

The fear, burden, anxiety, guilt, grievances, hatred, jealousy, low self esteem & various other negative emotions that we carry within us, can be a strong imprint from our past lives.

Since our soul came into creation, it had an objective for its journey into various life times, which we could call as a Soul Plan or Lesson.

Based on these designs, we fabricate diversified experiences, situations & circumstances in our lives. During this course we may have interacted with various incidents / people etc to whom we could have sub consciously got attached to & energetically got contaminated & unknowingly carried their energies to various other life times.

Detoxification is about releasing the old & welcoming the new at all levels of our being.

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A Spiritual detox is an exceptional way to re-construct & transform our life for the better. The aim here is to expel & clear away the unwanted & destructive Karmic residues that we persistently tend to hold on & create patterns of Self Sabotage in our lives….

A Maha Detox & a revolutionary cleanup of your soul can take a process of min of 45 days to upto 2 years or more. We will be capturing a 2 part weekly series of a Maha Clean up that will take you through a step by step process to rebuild your life magnificently.

So let us take the first step towards this wonderful journey.

First identify any one area of your life that you are most unhappy / sad about. For eg. We work with the relationship aspect that we are unhappy about & holding on from very long & unable to let go off to move ahead in our lives. So we may now have an aim to clear & delete the unwanted energies of this aspect of your life & uplift it like never before.


So our first step should be the space clearing of the Spirit. This huge task if undertaken carefully can actually clear up to 30 – 45 % of the mess in your life.



Do not fret, regret & keep on crying over what has happened. Know that you had done your best at that given point of time & something that happened was beyond your control & was destined to happen. Trust in the higher universe that there is always a higher plan & God wants you to open the doors for a new life. A situation is no longer in your space is because they do not belong anymore in your plans.

Comfort & nurture yourself with good sleep, food, time spend with family & loved ones will be your very first step towards your acceptance of the divine plan.

                                           DEALING & COPING UP


Dealing & Coping can be a huge task. A best way is to appropriately vent out your negative feelings & irritability is by feeling the emotions wholly and completely as it’s an essential part of the flushing off the negative toxins. There is no way you can avoid those feelings of gloom & doom. Feel them and accept them, forgive yourself for being unable to cope up & deal. You are a human being & at the end of the day, have your own set of limitations.

Understand that the mind, body & spirit have their own ways of healing mechanisms, so there is a point of survival, beyond which the universe will not test you, so when you reach that point, automatically, you will be bouncing back towards your higher self slowly & gradually.

A different way to deal with the anger can be tackled by a small fire ritual. Take a small copper tray & place 2 Camphor tablets in it & keep the tray on your left palm & cover it with your right palm & pray over it to grant you the strength in life to deal with this situation & then safely place the vessel on a stable ground & burn the camphor tablets & imagine all your frustrations & negative emotions getting burnt in this flame.



Be vigilantly aware of the negative temptations. Build up a strong will power to distract, re-direct & renew the mind towards a meaningful result. Use a strong stimuli control, for eg, whenever a negative thought pattern arises, Hold your Fist tight for a count of 30 seconds & then jump up for another 10 seconds & then help yourself to drink a glass of cold water in between & follow up by having a short conversation with a friend by telling them about your new found strength, that will thousand fold distract & break this negative pattern. Repeating this exercise for a span of 3, 7 & 21 times will surely get you to frame a new habit.


Chakras are the spinning vortexes of wheels invisibly located at the seven centers inside our body, starting from the base of the spine towards the crown of the head. They are designed to move the energy between our personal field & the universal field. When they are active & spinning properly, they help us to derive connection, replenish energy & restoring good health.  

First Chakra: Muladhar Chakra: It’s all about grounding. Taking a barefoot walk in the grass or at the sea side near a beach, will help to ground & connect back to the earth energies. Using the color red in your lower body will also help to balance & heal it.

Second Chakra: Swadishthan Chakra: Its all about passion & pleasure. Also all guilts & traumas are stored in this chakra. Water is very cleansing & healing, so immerse yourself for 10 – 15 min in a bath tub, or any natural source of water. You can also add some sea salt for better cleansing. Using the color Orange near your lower abdomen area will help to balance it.

Third Chakra: Manipur Chakra: It’s all about courage & self esteem. Burning a pure sandal wood incense stick & rotating its smoke on above the abdomen area will help to cleanse & balance it. Use a bright yellow color in this region to bring in healings.

Fourth Chakra: Anahata Chakra: It about the love & heart. Pleasing yourself with all that you love, giving & receiving love freely is the needed attribute here. Practicing unconditional love & trust is the key. Using a Green colour near your heart area will facilitate healings.

Fifth Chakra: Vishuddha chakra: It’s about speaking your truth & expressing yourself appropriately. Writing down your feelings with honesty & burning it later will help to open up this chakra. Using the color blue in the neck region helps to energise the same…

Sixth Chakra: Ajna chakra: It’s a “MASTER CHAKRA” & all about the “THE THIRD EYE”, is all about your Vision & Inner Intution. Daily Meditations & using a clear quartz crystal in between the brows will help you to balance the same.

Seventh Chakra: Sahaswara Chakra: It’s all about the connection with the higher Self. Prayers & contemplation are the key here to attain guidance from higher self. .   Using an Amethyst Crystal below your pillow before sleeping will assist to clear this chakra…

The chakras take care of the various areas of our lives, like relationships, self esteem, Love, Spiritual progress, work & Money etc. Once we learn to balance them, we will also keep in a balance & a happy frame of mind always.

Next week, look out for the second exclusive part of the MAHA Spiritual DETOX where we will discuss the Incorporation of Various Spiritual Practices & also about Manifesting a Lovely life & Living in Gratitude…

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