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How To De-Stress After a Hectic Day At Work!


We live in a world of unceasing competition, where we get to do alot of things at a particular time.

And I’m sure most of us have been there – checking mails and text messages even while having dinner with your family and friends, stressing over a work presentation or procedures while in the bathroom, restlesstly awake at night thinking over about the next day’s tasks and so on.

These types of challenges that we face everyday at work can affect our stress levels putting our health at risk.

Hence, here are a few tips to unwind after a hectic day-

shower-2Take a shower: Take a refreshing shower using a scented soap or essential oils – a warm bath, a cold bath or a bubble bath can do wonders to your body. It will sooth your muscle and give you relaxation and help you sleep well.

walk_0Take a walk: Take a short walk in the park as this will help you connect with yourself and brighten your mood as well. Remember, any kind of moving around outdoors can help you clear your mind.

exeGet physical: Try getting into any sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day. It is said that increased levels of stress and anxiety can be tackled by physical activity. Go for a walk or do some simple stretching as this will help relieve your muscle tension and clear your mind.

water_3Drink water: Drink plenty of water to keep your body functions properly. Water is not just an essential for our bodies, but it has immense health benefits – calorie control, fluid balance, kindney function, good skin, brain boost, energy, mood, performance and sickness fighter.

food_1Eat healthy food: Eat a nutritious and health diet as this will not only keep you fit and energised, but will also boost your mood.

phoneSwitch off: It might seem impossible to switch off your smartphone or laptop, but it’s necessary and the results are almost immediate. Try to switch off your gadgets 2 hours before bed and spend this time with your family. Switching off your phones will also help soothe your mind and prepare it for sleep.

massageGet a head massage: It is not a bad idea to get a head massage as it can increase blood flow, curb headaches and improve sleep. It is also a great way to fight stress and ward off illness.

Source: Zee News


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