Check what would a little hibernation offer you during this time and how can you do it?

Check what would a little hibernation offer

you during this time and how can you do it?

  1. Write the constraints and the restrictions in

their life in journal. Since I am a lover of beginnings I am going to suggest

few things that you can use however I want to ask you a question, what’s the

difference of when a beginning is exciting and fun and when it’s scary?

Significance. So what would you do to make it feel light, start creating

and don’t judge but just go ahead with Rock and roll of the entire process

while u enjoy the jig. Begin with writing on top of the page the area of the

life that you would like to change so for .e.g. if you would like to go-ahead

and make changes to your relationship with money, start with writing what are

some of the things that lets u choose money with ease and you turn your

attention to second page write the points and feelings that come up begin by

tapping on your Thymus point(also popularly known as upper heart it’s

just above the heart region between the chest and below the neck)and say I

uncreate the old and create the new and everything in between is destroyed!!!!

  1. Embrace spirituality by choosing to either

Mediate or journal by reviewing various areas of our life which may need a

little more work, so that we can move forward to a bright new dawn.

  1. A fresh perspective would surely welcome you and

this revelation would create breakthroughs- intellectual, emotional or

spiritual — during this time. So I am sharing an old time recipe with you which is

Think expansively and move beyond the usual

constraints and break free of the old structures and habits that no longer suit

  1. Sounds crazy so let me simplify it for all of us here any negative thinking

that comes up for you just go-ahead and take a deep breath from your belly and

on the exhale blow it out of your mouth by making a sound “Ah”

4.Relax and Let Go, Get massages, salt water bath,8

hours of good sleep, do some stretching and go for a tropical holiday.

  1. Rejuvenate and revive your personal space-Don’t

avoid those déj� vu moments and space ship rides to the future. Mercury gives

us that nudge to the future and that’s the awareness which the universe is

trying to show you. Ask yourself what can I learn from this situation? Be in

the allowance, reexamine and let go.

6.We may be feeling a bit frustrated in the desire

to make things happen NOW – but things are welling and waiting, So have

Patience with it all and go with the flow but  meanwhile concentrate on

how u want feel during this wait as this helps us create a new life.

For e.g.  If you are in a relationship that no

longer resonates, be patient and you will be guided. Meanwhile, find the Joy in

where you are sitting by writing a journal, by taking a vacation, coffee break

with your best friend might be some of the options that you would like to


  1. Let go of resistance and follow an easy flow of

creation which means no constriction or resistance

IMPORTANT: This is most definitely a meaningful and

amazing time. Just remember that what you set in motion with an intention

now may have to wait until a month from now to really swing into action when

the energy is at your back and the wind is in your sails. Now is a major time

of preparation, especially on a mental or emotional level.

During the process of creation it’s very important

for us to stay highly focused so choosing lightness in the everyday activity

would help. Have the willingness to take a nostalgic tour by looking at the old

pictures/albums/meeting old friends, watching all-time favorite movies or old

songs from your favorite juke box list.

So cheers to a different perspective as we

knock on the collective doorstep of this new house-guest and one of the

best ways to cope with this is my tried and tested mantra —

“Just go with the flow”. 



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