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5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

The very look & feel of winter has always been associated with a sense of gloom and despair, especially if it’s snowy. Maybe that’s the reason various cultures have so many festivals during that time. The weather of winter is actually bit challenging too due to its extremity, harshness and sudden changeover to cold with its onset. Anybody could be vulnerable to a lot of diseases or infections. So how can one safeguard himself against such adversities? Following are some ways to tackle that:

  1. Cover up 1 – Right wears:

There is no point in pretending to be Rambo if your body is calling out to your brain signaling about freeze. It doesn’t guarantee that macho image when the first sound of ‘Khaaa’ (the cough) hits you. So just carry right winter wears and wear them when you feel like. A nice jacket or windcheater can also speak out macho and work for you (if you think being a guy is all about being macho).

  1. Cover up 2 – Handkerchief:

The changeover of climates always poses varying degrees of threats for people. It takes time for the body to get used to the changing environment. Add to that working in AC, then going out in sun to take a rickshaw, then again getting exposed to the heat of cooking and ‘Chooo..’. , there one may catch cold.

A simple and often advisable way is to just carry a handkerchief and remember to cover up the nose and mouth whenever passing through a change of temperature or environment. Eg: While getting out of your comfort of home out into the cold, just wait up, cover your mouth and nose with handkerchief for 30 seconds while moving along. That brief period of cover up gives time for body to acclimatize to outside surrounding.

  1. Right food, Right drinks:

Of course winters gift lots of times for celebrations. But that doesn’t mean one can eat & drink up whatever they want anytime. You’ve got to listen to your body. A slight show of care towards you can reap nice rewards of great health. So why not hold back the temptation of drinking something cold and go for a hot drink. For formal occasions, a coffee speaks of royalty, tea could be classy and soup would be filling. About eating, hold on the ice cream and get some hot brownies, avoid juicy fruits and juices. As for hard drinks, why not avoid lots of ice. There’s more to the how tos of any celebration – it’s we and ours.

  1. Safety:

Mumbai is blessed with a great winter, but other cities – not so much. There are chances of great fog, smog and that could say – Don’t go out and jog. Better work out at gym or walk up the stairs of your building. Never take fogs and smog too lightly. They have known to fool drivers, cause havocs. If you need to hurry for office, catch a public transport than personal vehicle. As for smog, they are known to cause lots of respiratory ailments. So be wise, delay or travel safely.

  1. Happiness factor:

One big adversity that winter seems to bring that is overlooked upon is gloominess. And that could mean a lot if you happen to be alone this winter. But being gloomy isn’t the only option. It’s only a state of mind. Power on your TV, get some dvds, call up a friend. Talk, communicate, be entertained, or better go out and socialize. A simple visit to local café could cheer you up. Watch a genre of movie you never have. Absorb yourself into a challenging novel (like war and peace). Take up some activity like dance class or aerobics. Always remember that even if being alone sucks, there are plenty of people wishing some alone time, why not use it now? Don’t give up on being happy. There are many ways leading to happiness.


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