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4 Basics To Burning Fat And Losing Weight

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Has that stubborn fat around your midsection left you perplexed? Do you wonder if it will ever come off? Are you sick of hiding your body under layers of clothes?

If so, my goal today is to simplify the process of losing weight for you. Because the simpler it becomes, the easier it is to understand the mistakes you’re currently making.

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily – Water eliminates wastes and toxins, improves digestion, gives you energy, and cushions joints that can get run down from exercise.

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2. Increase protein intake – Protein helps you build and retain muscle mass, which can boost your metabolism and fat burning potential. It also helps you keep full to avoid eating excess calories. Get your protein from lean meat, fish, chicken, protein shakes/supplements, and even beans.

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3. Cut carbs – Your body burns carbs as its primary energy source. After that it hits fat. The more carbs you eat, the less likely your body will turn to fat for energy. If you have to eat carbs, eat them earliest in the day or within 90 minutes after workout to help your body replenish itself.

4. Eat 5-6 meals per day – You want to eat small meals every 3 hours or so. This keeps your metabolism revving so you can burn fat better. It also keeps you from feeling hungry and eating more during your next meal.

Those 4 fat-burning basics are simple enough, right?



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