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5 rustic ways to spice up the romance this monsoon!


Along with the peacocks dancing in the monsoons, the season undoubtedly makes all our hearts dance too on the song of love and romance.  The subdue smell of the mud, the bright rainbows and the chill weather invites all the couples to get romantic and make the best of the season.

Read on for some amazing romantic ideas for this season!

  • Long walks in the rain


First thing first, take your partner out for a long amorous walk. There is nothing better than getting wet in the rains and cherishing the showers with your love. It not only intensifies the passion for each other but also will make the day memorable. Also, studies reveal women love being kissed in the rain so the next time it rains, go ahead and give a soul kiss to your partner.


  • Road tripping in the drizzly weather


Going on a road trip in this season will be the idea you will surely not regret. Imagine the rain drops showering around you and taking halts for your soothing hot tea with some bhajiyas with your soulmate. This will only bring close to one another. Now isn’t that romantic enough?


  • Candle light dinners

Candle light dinners in the monsoons only will raise the level of your romance. Prepare your partner’s favorite meal. Turn on some soft music, lit the candle and get your romantic mood on. The rains will definitely heat up the mood and make your evening cozy!


  • Bonfire evening


As old school as it may sound, it will only make your monsoon evening better. Head to your balcony or any shaded area, lit up a bonfire, make hot chocolate, put on some romantic music and you’re good to go to make your evening cuddly.


  • A movie marathon


Binge watch all your favorite movies with your partner if y’all are fuzzy about getting out in the rains. Get a bucket of popcorn ready with dim lights on with a comfy blanket and you will surely love the mood.


This monsoon leave no stone unturned to get passionate with your partner and make it the most memorable season. Let the season of love bring out the romance from you!


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