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Interview with Narendra Kulkarni


Interview of Narendra Kulkarni

Narendra Kulkarni: A Private Detective, Life Coach & Kalyan Mitra

Seems 3 different personalities from 3 different fields isn’t it! But its not. A very interesting personality.

Having many feathers in his cap, Masters in Physics, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Mindset Coach, Transformation Expert, Reiki Master, Motivational Speaker, Holistic Healer & a Sri Vidya Kundalini Sadhak.

His journey as a Private Investigator started 20 years back, having met and helped more than 10000 individuals and worked with more than 100’s of Corporates herealised and mastered a very important Life skill “The Art of Listening”. This experience led to a realisation“most people need help to overcome issues with Relationships,Health (Emotional to be precise) &Finances.Everyone he met and worked with, shared that when they faced problems in their Relationships, the Health & Finances suffered automatically. According to Narendra, the problems they all faced in Relationships was because they didn’t know how to manage their Emotions! He further added that Thoughts trigger Emotions, negative thought creates a negative emotion, this affects relationships, not just that negative emotion manifests itself in to a Physical Ailmentin their body, this ailment directly affects their decision power, efficiency, productivity thus affecting their work and in turn, affects their Finances.




According to Narendra “The key to Success is how well you manage your Emotions”, because once you are successful in managing your Emotions, managing Relationships, Health and Finances becomes effortless.This led him to become a ‘Kalyan Mitra’ meaning ‘A Friend who is always there for you Welfare.’


Narendra believes, especially in these Covid times when most of the people are finding difficult to manage their Emotions and Finances, this is resulting into Relationship issues, it’s the right time to start working on strengthening Emotions, Emotional Health needs top most priority now.

Narendra Kulkarni




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