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5 Things a truly great Marketing Plan or Marketing Package must have:


A lot of businesses these days thrive on adhering to right business plan or delivering the right performance with a favorable marketing plan or package. There are some factors that set any plans apart from any other one and infuse any marketing plan with substance and uniqueness. These are explained with the help of examples one by one as below.

  1. An X Factor:

What is it that makes you different and special than any of your competent? The answer to this is your X Factor. What is it inside of you that you bring into every marketing plan you make for anyone which makes it unique? For example, a person with a modeling background who has opened up a gym has contacts and networking within the modeling industry. So his gym can help establish you as a professional model.

  1. Innovative Strategy:

How could you innovate every marketing move that you make (like an ad or an event etc.) with a unique innovation idea with relevance to the client’s product? The answer to this is the innovative strategy. For example, if someone owns a modeling agency and plans to marketthe makeup products of one of their client, then they could plan a fashion event that shows the story of how those makeup kits produced changes in their model’s personal lives (with before and after photos).

  1. Flexibility:

Sometimes, a client might feel strongly for some idea or strategy but later on might not feel convinced to go with it. In that case, one should always have an alternative strategy to go for. Failure to have an alternative strategy is something that’s looked upon as truly unprofessional and could make you lose your business to someone else. Taking the example of previous point, if the client for the modeling agency decides to not go for a fashion show, then the agency could choose to tie up with an online fashion magazine and advertise the products with some fashion articles and personal stories.

  1. Psychographics:

A study of your customer’s interests, habits and preferences can create a big opportunity for long term business for you. This study is called psychographics. Knowing your client or customer really pays off in long term. For example, once you know what the customer really values, you can think up of ideas that adhere with his interests and that could really work well within his circle of interest. If your client has a liking for great food, you could divert him towards the testimonials of previous clients you had related to that area (like if you had advertised for café or a restaurant).

  1. Strongest commitment:

Strong commitment comes from someone who offers it, the people. If everyone in your organization is shown totally committed to one client at a time, then that will surely make you shine uniquely in the mind of the client as compared to your competent. For example, if during some meeting, every head of the organization is seen interacting with the client, then that shall surely influence the client’s mind in an intense manner.


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