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Diwali 2015: You wouldn’t believe how Salman Khan is celebrating the festival of lights

Diwali 2015: You wouldn't believe how Salman Khan is celebrating the festival of lights

Salman Khan is an actor who has always been known for going the extra mile, when it comes to social causes. The actor might not be very vocal about the kind of charity he does, but like they say, certain things have their own way of making themselves known to people. While his Being Human initiative is in the news more often than not, Salman himself is doing a bit more this Diwali.

This year, Khan will be celebrating his Diwali with children from Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world. Salman’s special plans for this year’s festival include spending the day with Dharavi Rock. For those who aren’t clued in into the workings of Dharavi Rocks, this is a band formed by underprivileged children from the slum. The kids make music out of junk like buckets, old tins, wooden plans, and other waste materials.
Musician Abhijit Jejurikar got 15 enthusiastic slum kids together, and formed Dharavi Rocks along with them. Apart from Jejurikar, the band comprises Abdul Rahman, Bilal Mohommad, Salman Ali, Nabi Ahmed, Zishan Syed, Shahrukh Qureshi, Saif Ali, Moin, Asif, Aarif, Raheem, Sheetal, Sudha, Minhaz, Lartif.
Here, sample some of Dharavi Rocks’ music:

It was Salman’s own idea to spend his Diwali a bit hatke this time around. And hence the decision to celebrate the festival amidst the Dharavi Rocks band members.
Earlier, in August this year, Amitabh Bachchan had also met the Dharavi Rocks kids. His ‘scintillating experience’ with the Dharavi children evoked some strong feelings in the megastar. Bachchan penned the following post on Facebook after meeting the kids:

“Dharavi Rock Band .. a group of youngsters from the largest slum in the world .. were all rag pickers and then picked up and introduced to music and now they are due to travel internationally .. to perform .. what a life changing work done by a few dedicated people .. They play music from the stuff they pick up as garbage .. old drums of water, packets, empty bottles, now filled with rice particles to get that effect of a sound for the Band .. God bless them .. (sic)”


As for Salman, he is super-excited to meet the children, and the excitement is equally reciprocated by the kids. Khan doesn’t believe in a noisy Diwali, and in order to substitute the noise, the actor is adding some junk-music to his festival.

And no, the actor’s meet-and-greet with the band kids isn’t supposed to stop at just that. Khan’s love for music is likely to make him jam with Dharavi Rocks too. Apart from that, the actor is to have lunch with the children, and informs an insider, he has ordered a lot of sweets for them.
On the work front, Salman’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is scheduled for a release on November 12, a day after Diwali. The actor is getting back to the big screen with a Sooraj Barjatya project after a long gap of 16 years. The last time Khan and Barjatya had COLLABORATEDfor a film, was in 1999, for Hum Saath Saath Hai. Salman is returning to his much-loved on-screen moniker Prem in this film, and he will be seen alongside Sonam Kapoor.

Source: India Today


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