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Bollywood Fashion over the Years

Bollywood Fashion over the Years

There is so much we can learn from all the Bollywood divas and the handsome hunks. The changes that we see in our styling and dressing are actually nothing but a reflection of the changes seen in Bollywood fashion over time, isn’t it? No matter we follow Bollywood religiously or not, the fashion trends over the year have had quite an impact on all of us.

So, let us have a look at how changes in Bollywood trends have been like over the years:


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It all started in the early 50s where women were all decked up in those elegant sarees and the men were found in suit. In those days, the blouses for women were more of a reflection of the corsets that the Britishers wore.


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Moving on to the 60s, the so called formalities with sarees remained, but they only became a little tighter and a sense of sensuality peeped in.

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The 70s saw the era of experiments and evolving fashion; there were major changes and evolutions that took place during that time. Not to forget how Sharmila Tagore’s dressing took everyone by surprise and then the iconic Dimple Kapadia look in Bobby. The hair and eye makeup continued to be another major attention seeking aspect of dressing back then.

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During the 80s there was pretty much a settling down for chiffons and synthetics, with more or light colors; dark red lipstick. At this point of time, Rekha and Sridevi were the Bollywood divas while everyone else seemed to be trying to get attention rather than focus on fashion and clothing.


Source: thestylecircle.com

And then we come to the 90s, the time with which most of the people from this generation can relate to and the time which saw some major changes in the due course of fashion. Movies like DDLJ and Hum Apke Hai Kon are the well known and well acclaimed favorites of all. It was the time when Madhuri’s blue lehenga from the song was quite the talk show and so was Kajol’s young girl look from DDLJ.

10Source: fashion voonik.com

Then it came to brands in the 2000’s. It was during this time that people were more concerned about which brand are the celebrities wearing over what they are actually wearing. Designer wear was at its peak during this time and then there were international designers which managed to only raise the bar.

So that was about how Fashion trends have evolved over the years and how things have now got a newer and more fashionable approach. Right now, the Fashion trends are more about originality and about the individualistic stylization of different celebrities. These days, it is no longer about mere fabrics or the clothing, but about how one drapes and couples their outfits with a range of other accessories.


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