Home Entertainment 7 Bollywood brides and their inspiring marriage lives

7 Bollywood brides and their inspiring marriage lives

7 Bollywood brides and their inspiring marriage lives

Marriage has often been clichéd upon as dull, boring, getting old and too tedious. When actually, there are so many couples who would differ. The below famous celebrities have done some phenomenal work in Bollywood and if you connect that to the bridal look on their wedding day, it comes out as a list of pretty inspiring ideas conveying that marriage rocks. Let’s just read along and understand:

  1. Marriage – A Happy thrilling Adventure

Genelia D’Souza is a charismatic bollywood star and her marriage to Ritesh was celebrated by all her fans. The couple is just adorable. If you think about movies, so many of her best ones like jaane tu ya jaane na, Masti and tere naal love ho gaya, all of them have her character portray a cute, fun and upbeat girl. One look at the adorable pictures of couple’s wedding day and it assures the very fact that married life being boring is a clichéd misconception. They inspire us into knowing that Marriage can be a happy & thrilling adventure.

  1. Marriage – A comforting serene journey:

What’s the most remembered performance of Malaika Arora Khan to you. For so many, it’s the song Chaiya Chaiya. Ever wonder what does that mean? The word chaiya means shade and the song was to mean to give shade. Think of a long journey on foot out anywhere. How will a shady tree sound to the traveller? Comforting, soothing, Cool! Now just one look at the togetherness of this beautiful couple and rest assured, it inspires that marriage can be cool, comforting and serene journey.

  1. Marriage – Staying young forever:

Kajol is obviously among one of India’s most talented actresses. Her best works are, well all of them. But what is she most beloved for? How about Kuch kuch hota hain’s Anjali? What’s the main alluring feature of Anjali? Her tomboyish character had such an endearing childishness intact. Didn’t it? Well, a look at Kajol’s wedding day smile assures her fans that her inner child shall stay alive forever. While marriage is often referred to as getting old together, it certainly can be called as staying young forever.

  1. Marriage – A happy colorful life

Speaking of talented, how can anyone miss Kareena. Among so many of her varying characters like Chameli, Pia (3 idiots), Pooja or Poo (K3G) and so many. Out of all her character of Geet in Jab we met is such a loveable one. Some call marriage a dull affair. But that is in fact a wrong statement to so many. What’s the antonym of dull? And what does the geet character and Kareena’s proficiency in variation tell us – colorful and happy.

  1. Marriage – Treasuring the Culture

Marriage is a ceremony, of course. But it is so universal and prevalent in every culture that this tradition is celebrated so richly. Any culture is rich has traditions and is highly valued by its people. Talking about valuable, One of India’s treasured and beloved star is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Her wedding had such rich display of India’s culture and tradition. As for her films, HDDCS’s character Nandini was similar. The important lesson that Nandini learnt there was Love is more about promise of fulfilling love than just experiencing it. As with culture that is respected and valued, marriage too is treasured.

  1. Marriage: Life with freedom

A typical line from those who project marriage as a binding is that being married means living in jail. So many living couples negate that idea. Gul Panag, a brave and fearless celebrity has often portrayed characters that spoke about freedom and being courageous. One look at her bridal look and it conveys the message that marriage makes us be free and truly independent.

  1. Marriage – A Dignified commitment

Esha Deol known for films like Dhoom is also a dignified Indian classical dancer. She has put on so many praiseworthy cultural dance shows since some time. Esha’s adherence to her craft and her perfection of it speaks of her commendable commitment. And commitment is what marriage is a lot about. The look of her bridal get up presents such a dignified outlook. May god bless all couples that take efforts and stay committed to each other.


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