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Best Places in Mumbai to watch the sunrise


There can be nothing more satisfactory to our senses than to watch the sunrise. The nature is at it’s prime at the hour of the sunrise. The view of the sunrise is undoubtedly unparelled. What’s more beautiful than to see a new day full of new opportunities rise in front of your sight?

So wake up at 6 am and head to these stunning places to catch the heavenly view.

  1. Raj Bhavan


Raj Bhavan which is the official residence of the Governor of Maharashtra, located at the top of the Malabar Hill is now open to public to enjoy the magnificent view. It’s a place with long stretches of trees and gorgeous peacocks. But above all, the most aesthetic view at Raj Bhavan is that of the sunrise.

Wake up early to reach the Raj Bhavan in time to see one of the most delightful sight.


  1. Chowpatty Beach


The beach located at the foot of Malabar Hill is the ultimate seaside place to be in Mumbai. You’ll see people jogging, strolling and playing at chowpatty. Take a barefoot stroll on the golden sand of this beach and admire the sunrise and relish the moment!


  1. Marine Drive


Want to start your day at a quiet and a hush place while gazing at the sun rise? Marine Drive in South Mumbai is the place to be! One can gracefully eye the endless horizon and have a relaxing time.

Don’t miss out on some great photo opportunities as you can get some great vantage points.


  1. Gateway of India


This stunning architectural masterpiece in South Mumbai is a historically significant place. The first sight of the hulking silhouette of the sunrise will surely give you goosebumps. As the sunrises it instantly illuminates the Gateway of India and the place around and makes the entire atmosphere very soothing.


  1. Juhu Beach


This beach located in the suburbs of Mumbai is a place where you will find variety of people having their leisure time. Just like the chowpatty beach, you can relax at the beachfront and enjoy the beautiful picture painted by nature during the sunrise.


  1. Bandra Fort


Bandra Fort in the suburbs of Mumbai will give a clear view of the sunrise with lesser crowd compared to other places. With the Bandra-Worli sealink in the background one cannot miss out on the opportunity of beautiful photographs. The atmosphere at the Bandra Fort in the morning will surely leave you de-stressed.


In the hustle bustle of this city, let’s take out some time for ourselves and watch the first sight of the night turn into the day in this city that never sleeps.  It will definelty not disappoint you!

Photo Courtesy: Google Images


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