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What Does Your Lipstick Shade Tell About You

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Most of us women have a go-to lipstick shade that is most flattering according to them. But did you ever think that the shade you’re swiping on your pout could tell a lot about your personality? It is really true that people gage you based on your lipstick shade.

How? Let’s find out!


You are sociable, attractive, fun loving and pretty.

Your laughter makes everyone around you smile. You are bubbly and inviting. You are a great friend and love meeting new people. Whatever you do, you do it with excitement and dedication. You have a certain zeal in you that make people around you feel good.


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You are dependable and reliable. Ambitious, culture driven and very refined.

You are the Fashionista of your group. When a friend needs a fashion advice, you are the one they depend on. You are straightforward, yet you convey your message without hurting anybody’s feelings. You are a risk taker, which sometimes may get you in trouble, but you take it as a learning experience. Your family and friends simply adore you.


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You are daring, ambitious, creative and highly driven.

You love anything that has got rich, vintage value and you like to come across as a powerful personality. Being an ambitious person, you jump upon any opportunity that makes you the lead of the pack, being a planner or a team leader.


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You are the loved one and calm natured.

You are the agony aunt of your group and the one who solves any crisis. They come to you, why? Because your calm natured and level-headedness qualities are what that excels you. You are a very easy going person, but very protective and defensive when it comes to your family and friends.


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You are sweet, warm, dependable and caring.

You give warmth to not only to your near and dear ones, but to those who connect with you. You can be a bit shy at times and sometimes could come across as an introvert, but they eventually fall in love with your personality once they get to know you. You are the sweet kind, girl next door type who loves spreading happiness around.


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You are ambitioned, faithful and sometimes panic-stricken.

You can sometimes come across as immature, but in reality you are quite responsible and matured. Your empathy towards others is what makes you strong as an individual. You can sometimes take that leap of faith in your personal life but not when it comes to horror movies.


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You’re a lover, homely and much grounded.

You strongly believe in the motto” Make love, don’t fight”. You love making plans on the weekends, but back in your mind you just want to be in your pajamas and binge eat while catching up on your favorite shows. You have a tremendous sweet tooth, if it would be healthy, you would only eat ice creams for every meal.


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You are earthy human being, a warm, affectionate person.

You are not too outgoing and you shy away from any conflicts or arguments. Many a times you come out as a geek, but you don’t really mind it. You look out for good in everything.

Source: Fashionara


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