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Teeny Tiny Ways to Be A Lot More Fabulous!

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You don’t have to be rich or wear designer labels to be fabulous. You just have to trust your inner instinct. Being Fabulous is a given birthright; you were either born with it, or you weren’t. Being Oh-so-Fabulous is not only an adjective but a state of mind.

Did you spill your tea on your shirt? Who cares, laugh and turn it inside-out and start a new trend! Eat cheesecake for dinner, drink wine for breakfast, and have Sundae for lunch. If you fail at something, laugh and start all over; Rome wasn’t built in one day, and your new Oh-so-Fabulous personality won’t be either!


Follow these Teeny Tiny Things to be Oh-So-Fabulous!


  1. Add Drama: Not to life but to your wardrobe! Add that statement white fur coat or that cowboy shoes you always wished for or simply add some more sequins dress! You know you can bring it like Marilyn Monroe, so bring it!


  1. You are Sexy and You know it: Always wear Sexy underwear! Only you will know what is hiding under your dress, but this cute little accessory – your lingerie – will instantly boost your feeling of “fabulousness”!



  1. Be Your Own Boss: Live life on your own terms, on any given day, wear the most expensive piece of clothing you own and team it with Converse. Who cares!



  1. Lip-gloss All The Way: lip gloss should be your best friend when stepping out. When you apply this “shiny sparkle” on your lips, it instantly adds glamor and freshness to your face and you can notice that you immediately feel fabulous!



  1. Don’t fake it: If you want to be cheesy, be cheesy, if you didn’t find that joke funny, then don’t laugh. Do everything because you feel like it, and not because you are expected to. Always speak your truth!


  1. Beauty Day Off: Take a day off where you can do some good facial masks, manicure and pedicure, enjoying delicious healthy food, watching your favorite movie, basically, just doing something pleasant for yourself the whole day. Try this tip and you will see your levels of fabulousness increase.




  1. Love Thy Self: No one is going to think you’re fabulous if you don’t think you’re fabulous. So stop criticizing yourself and embrace your little imperfections with grace. Give yourself a hug, buy yourself a nice present, and take yourself on a date to that sushi place, because you are worth it!





  1. Signature Scent: One of the easiest things that we can do to feel fabulous is by using signature perfume every day. The most important perfume tip is that the scent should inspire you, please you and make you feel certain way – to be more precise, it should make you feel fabulous instantly.





  1. Socially Yours: If you really want to be fabulous, you have to like people. You need to give them the opportunity to enjoy everything you have to offer in life, so get out there and be sociable. Go to parties, host parties, hang out with friends, go to clubs, and find other great ways to spend time with people and make new friends.




Don’t try too hard. It will be much easier to be “fabulous” if you be yourself! It’s the little things in life that can make you feel beautiful and confident, so try to find those small pleasures and “fabulousness boosters” and remember to practice them often, because you’re absolutely worth it!


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